Who we are

About us

Introducing Insu-built’s  proprietary “FAST-BUILD” system which is faster, stronger, more durable  and cheaper than conventional building systems offering the strength of concrete at the price of wood .It is a “Game Changer “

Our Focus

“FAST-BUILD” insulated Wall system which is faster, stronger, more durable  and More Economical than conventional building systems.

Our Mission

We never stop thinking about reshaping the future


Safety is a paramount concern at Insubuilt. We are deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of our construction teams, residents, and the communities where we operate. Our safety protocols are comprehensive and align with the highest industry standards.

Our Purpose

Our purpose goes beyond building structures that last ;We are driven by a vision to redefine the future of living. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is deeply rooted in the core of our purpose, guiding every aspect of our work

Our Position

Our position extends beyond individual projects; we are visionaries for urban renewal. Through thoughtful design, sustainable construction, and community engagement, we strive to contribute to the revitalization and renewal of urban spaces, creating environments that stand the test of time.

What We Are

Insu-Built is a GreenTech based company offering an innovative build system. This patented state of the art system addresses many of the pitfalls and shortcomings of current construction methodologies. Keeping a sharp eye on reduction of overall build costs, the Insu-Built Structures system allows for accelerated timelines for product delivery to market while adding to bottom line savings and overall project profitability.

A manufacturer and supplier of a revolutionary building product and methodology, designed to help alleviate the current supply, production, and delivery-to-market issues that currently plague the Housing Industry’s traditional construction firms.
A patented manufacturing and construction system that addresses virtually all of the pitfalls and shortfalls of current construction methodologies, while keeping a sharp eye on reducing overall build costs and delivery to market times while adding to bottom line savings and profitability.
Compelling Reasons

Green Living through Proprietary Vertical ICF


Product is green (uses recyclable material with close to zero waste) and is sustainable.


The product is ideally suited to non profit housing as it is quick to erect, inexpensive and is a long lasting durable product ideally suited for climate.


Insu-Built is a patent pending system and the company extrudes its own panels at its factories and its system can easily be incorporated into non profit building specifications.


We are able to undertake site plan work and design non profit housing to maximize density on city owned parcels of land and we understand the municipal entitlement process as we have many projects underway currently.

Our Legacy

Insu-Built In action


Traditional Steep Slope Retaining wall Techniques

Case Study Sumas Mountain , Abbotsford , BC


Insubuilt Innovative Steep Slope Solutions-
Incorporating Retaining and Foundation wall (avoiding Shotcrete and Shoring )

The Founders

Mike Klassen

Construction Experience

“Mike brings over 40 years of Construction Experience in all aspects of the building landscape.”

Helix Steel Group

Product Development

“The Sales, Product Development, and Engineering team at Helix
work in concert with Insu-Built”

Lawrie Hooper


“Insu-Built Structures Inc, Director of Product Development.”

Richard Weldon

Vice President

“Insu-Built Structures Inc., Vice President of Insubuilt”